2017 was the year of exhibitions

Byzantine Hagiography Over Time
Byzantine Hagiography Over Time
The 1st Byzantine Icon Painting Exhibition was held in Marathon from Friday 5 May until Sunday 7 May.
The Exhibition of Byzantine Hagiography Held in collaboration with PASYA – Panhellenic Association of Hagiographers and exhibit members of the club, such as:
Tsiantas Dimitris, Alibertis Angelou, Colias Panagiotis, Mourlas Dimitris, Boutsikaki Panagiotas.
From Marathon: Captainaki Eleni,

Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th April
1st Vinyl Record Exhibition
and Music Night, a journey through the time ….
We meet for the first time traveling in the era of vinyl.
A nostalgic season? maybe, maybe a time when it gave us timeless feelings, love, travel, encounters, and a lot of the emotions we carry today.
A time when the new generation also discovers an aura in which to look for this “something”.
  So, we say bring us records with the songs we love
to hear them and share them with you.
We were also the “Disc jokey” of the night.