Karssis Mary

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Marsotti Karssis is a Canadian gestural abstract artist born in Toronto on March 17th, 1979. She attended York University and majored in social science. Human behavioral social study was always an interest from which she found inspiration and translated into art from an early age. Influenced by abstract expressionism artist like Joan Mitchel and Helen Frankenthaler, Marsotti is eager to leave her own mark in the abstract art world with her original gestural, no brush technique. Brushes and tools are a creative restriction for Karssis as she feels her need for direct contact with the work is a necessity. “My energy and rhythm is stuck on the surface of each work and left there for everyone to experience even after my physical existence has ended”, as Karssis leaves raw canvas exposed and aggressive hand strokes untouched as if she is willing to bare her soul on each canvas revealing every intention, every thought, emotion and spontanious reaction. Although she works mainly instinctively she also finds daily inspiration in the bright light, vivid colors and organic surroundings of Marathon, the small Greek village of historical significance she currently lives in. Everything from the landscape to the main characteristics of ancient art findings of Greece effects her choice of color and texture in her work.