Invitation of interest

The 2 nd painting exhibition the Marathon Art Gallery which will take place from
the 5 th of March to the 30 th of June 2022.
The windows in the shops at Marathon town will be transformed in Art Galleries
where the artists will exhibit their work.
There will be a specific theme for each month.
Every applicant can take part in all exhibitions on a first come first serve basis.
The cost of the participation will be 10 euros for every artistic piece /exhibition ,
per month.

Program , Painting Themes And Dates

  1. 5-31 March. Theme of your own choice.
    The paintings should be delivered by the 2nd of March.
  2. 2-29 April.
    Exhibition for people with special needs ,
  3. 30 April-31 May. Spring.
    The paintings should be delivered by the 28th of March.
  4. 4-30 June. Sea.
    The paintings should be delivered by the 1st of June.
    If you would like to participate please email us on: and answer to the following requests.
    1 In which exhibition you would like to participate.
    2 Please send us your CV
    3 One photo of yourself
    4 Photos of the paintings you would like to exhibit.

    All these informations will be posted on the Marathon Art Festival Site.

Participants Artists